Accell's water meters are meters for drinking water intended for use in various applications and is the best choice for measurement in residential, commercial and industrial customers. With the launch of the water meters produced in ecoCAZt®, in addition to contributing to the reduction of waste and being 100% recyclable the water meters have become more resistant, lightweight and lead-free, meeting the new ordinance No. 888 of the Ministry of Health that cites "all the components of the meter that come into contact with the water that flows through it must be manufactured with materials known to be non-toxic, non-contaminating, and biologically inert." (Source: DOU)


high performance residential meters developed to comply with ISO 4064:2014. Its pre-equipped clocks allow integration of the meters into remote reading systems, through the installation of the Cyber module, in addition to greater resistance in the version with glass dome that protects the entire side against perforations.


Multimag C&I is an excellent multi-jet water meter, ready for automated remote reading (AMR).Following the growing need for automation in metering, Multimag C&I has been developed toprovide optimal metrological performance that is durable and rugged.

High Performance

Precision is a residential rotary piston volumetric meter, with excellent accuracy and durability, ready for automated remote reading (AMR).

Precision's great differential is the high metrological performance, ensuring high sensitivity and stability, even at low flow rates. These characteristics are maintained throughout the product's useful life, which ensures an accurate measurement, providing a fast return on investment.


The Alfa and Beta valves were designed using the most advanced engineering and software resources, with 3D model building and computational fluid dynamics numerical simulations, allowing the development of a unique and cost-effective control valve for water and irrigation systems. It is made for easy in-line maintenance, full bore and low pressure drop.

Flow Stabilizer

Flow stabilizers are designed to prevent the negative effects that flow disturbances can have on metering. To be installed mostly directly upstream of Woltmann horizontal meters, they recondition the flow vane potentially disturbed by elements such as valves, filters, curved pipes, pumps, etc.

Basket type filter

The shape of the filter provides a large filtration area and high charge storage capacity for long-lasting, clog-free operation.
The need for frequent cleaning is reduced, and thus the overall pressure conditions of the network are guaranteed.

Nuts, Tubes and Washers

Connections for installation of meters DN15 to DN40 Standard NBR (8194) Available in Metallic or Thermoplastic (PP/PVC)