Smart Solutions



Computational Hydraulic Modeling for Water and Wastewater Systems



Flow and pressure measurement services and checking of macrometers



Consulting and implementation of water loss control and reduction programs



Monitoring, automation, telemetry, and analytical services

Accell Cyber

Enter the reality of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Based on Accell's expertise in designing and manufacturing high-performance modules, the Accell Cyber is the is the next step in the evolution of of water and gas meter telemetry and gas meter telemetry, going far beyond simple reading for billing purposes.


Accurate, reliable and affordable sensors that provide valuable data you can rely on for decision making

Loss Recovery Real

- Optimization and pressure control in DMCs regulated by VRP and/or pumps - Supply, installation, maintenance and testing of flow/volume, pressure and level sensors - Supply and installation of pressure regulating valves Focus: Reduction of real losses, overflow and energy efficiency.

Loss Recovery Apparent

Plan with Compensation for Performance

Residential consumption profile survey

- Optimization of the Metering Park

- Analytic Telemetry for Large Consumers Focus: Reduction of micro-metering losses

Operational Visibility Programs

- Network, pressure and flow monitoring - Water balance; - Consulting and analysis of improvements Focus: Improvement in the efficiency of supply, availability optimization of resources and consumption