Accell gas meters are the best choice for residential, commercial and industrial metering. They are designed for customers who require accurate (low, medium or high flow) and reliable measurements. We have our own manufacturing plant located in Argentina in alliance with Itron and Dresser. Accell has more than 30 million gas meters installed worldwide.

Accell Gallus ACD G1.6

Accell's Gallus G1.6 is a state-of-the-art diaphragm gas meter designed to meet the most stringent needs of the residential market worldwide. It combines accuracy and durability, with a very compact and robust design.

ACD G1.6

The Accell ACD G1.6 is a state-of-the-art diaphragm-type gas meter designed to meet the needs of the residential market worldwide. It combines accuracy and durability, with a compact and robust design.

Accell RF1 G6

O RF1 G6 é um medidor de gás residencial compacto projetado para medir com precisão os volumes de gás natural, GLP e de todos os gases não corrosivos. Várias versões e opções estão disponíveis para cumprir com os vários requisitos de aplicação.

ACD G10 G16 & G25 e G40

In decades of accumulated knowledge in the field of commercial and industrial diaphragm gas meters, our meters combine meters combine measurement accuracy and long service life in the field.


Os contadores Delta são contadores volumétricos. O fluxo de gás move os pistões e cada rotação intercepta e transfere um volume específico de gás. O movimento é mecanicamente transmitido ao totalizador através do acoplamento magnético.

Fluxi 2000/TZ

Itron's Commercial and Industrial Fluxi 2000/TZ TURBINE meters comprise a range of gas measuring devices with capacities from 5 to 10,000 m³/h.

Quantometer MZ

MZ meters are flow meters. The gas flow rotates the turbine wheel, and therefore the rotational speed of the turbine is proportional to the linear speed of the gas.
The movement is transmitted mechanically to the totalizer via a magnetic coupling.