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We are Accell Solutions and we operate strongly in all Latin American markets through the know-how of more than 76 years in the market, uniting innovation and intelligent management. Our business units are located in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. 

Accell Units


Av. Joaquim Bôer, 792 - Santa Cruz, Americana - SP, 13477-360


Telefone: +55 19 3471 8400


Monsenõr Bufano, 5010 La Tablada - B1766DIT - Buenos Aires


Telefone: +54 11 4480 4900


Periférico Sur 5739, Nave 7 Toluquilla - C.P. 45610 Tlaquepaque


Telefone: +52 1 33 3478 2270

Our Solutions

ecoCAZt the new alloy of Accell's water meters

Lead Free Hydrometers

Seeking to raise the quality of life of the world's population, Accell Solutions, manufacturer and supplier of solutions for Smart Utilities (water, gas and energy) and smart solutions throughout Latin America, has added to its portfolio the water meter made of a lead-free metal alloy. 

Gere valor com seus hidrômetros antigos!

Você sabia que pode aproveitar a sucata de hidrômetro retirado do campo para aplicar em compra de novos medidores de alta tecnologia e precisão?


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